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Delicious Martha x Miss Wood

Published : 03/23/2018 12:07:10
Categories : Miss Wood Adventures

Only to get to the pedestrian street surrounded by bars and verandas where Marta lives, gave us good vibrations. Then, as soon as she opened the door of her high ceilings apartment decorated in Nordic style, she definitely conquered us. Marta showed us all the corners where she creates the scenarios to photograph her dishes, taking advantage of the natural light that enters the house. He cooked for us and revealed all the steps that follow since the idea of the recipe comes up until the photo is posted on Instagram. It was really interesting to see all the preparation behind the scenes.

Although Marta has an innate talent to make any dish look special, it seems almost absurd to present as incredible all those delicacies that she prepares so easily. During the interview, she reveals all the tricks of Delicious Marta: how she decorates the dishes, how she takes pictures and even how she modifies them. And, above all, what interested us most: how the idea of Delicious Martha was born.

We were dying to know how everything started. It is the case that three members of the Miss Wood team, including CEOS Albert and Javi, have studied advertising with Marta. Nobody, however, knew exactly how this project started. "For us, Marta was the girl who always had perfect and impeccable notes, with all the necessary notions. Everyone wanted Marta's notes! She was an extremely organized and planning person", commented Albert.

During the interview, Marta confesses that the experience made her understand that planning does not take you anywhere. "The best thing a person can do in life is to go with the flow and adapt to different situations," she says. What we did not know was that the beginnings of Delicious Martha originated from the need to escape the stress caused by the advertising agency where she worked. Cooking was relaxing to her and gastronomic photography fascinated her.

Off the record, she also confesses that Marta and Delicious Martha share a love for communication and gastronomy, but in reality they are two very different people. Marta is shy and reserved. Instead, Delicious Martha is open, she likes that people know her, ask her questions and are interested in her recipes. She finds it amusing to answer all the doubts of her followers and create contents that suit their needs. She throws herself into the community that surrounds her, because without it, Delicious Martha would not exist.

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