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Project Rituals

Published : 09/10/2016 10:45:49
Categories : Curiosities

Rituals, released a limited edition called Mandu Lulur. Mil Personas, the advertising agency of Rituals, thought Miss Wood would be the best ally to show the product to all your audience through the most successful bloggers of the moment.

The concept of the campaign had the message "Celebrates Love" and decided to create with phrases of love songs.

Here you can see all the sentences that were made. 

In addition, some bloggers shared the action in their social networks like Ines Arroyo with this beautiful picture.

or atrendylife with this original photo.

All the bloguers who received the product of Rituals: "Mandu Lulur " junto a un Woody personalizado were:

- Macarena Gea

- Bartabac

- Miriam Alberó

- Missshedwing

- Mypeeptoes

- Collage Vintage

- Barbara Crespo

- Anna Ponsa

- Mes Vogages a Paris

- Stella wants to die

- Dulceida

- Seems for desire

- Lady Addict

The creme de la creme de España, never has it been said better

See you in our social networks. THE END.

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