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Spring is coming!

Published : 04/10/2017 10:27:22
Categories : Curiosities

Everything you need to know about decorative trends for this spring 2017

I suppose you have noticed that spring has already arrived. You can keep the coat inside the closet and wear your T-shirts. And your home? You will have to know about the new decorative trends for this season. We make it easy for you. From Miss Wood we explain everything that comes this decorative season.


Plants, of course, are the main exponents of spring. So you know, green everywhere!

And talking about green. We already know what color will be the most used in interior design during this season. Green Greenery will invade our walls, furniture and even objects of decoration will have this tonality inspired by vegetation of this sunny season.

But it will leave place for the blue Kelvin, the pink Quartz or the already installed Mint.

Natural materials

From colors to materials. The marble will be not only the kitchen counter, but also, it will be present in the rest our rooms. The natural materials are fashionable and so the stone and the woodwill flood our walls.

The Nordic Style

As for styles the Nordic certainly remains the king. Although it begins to move away from the usual standards in which it abuses clarity and includes some spring coloring. If there is another style that can have more importance this is the industrialist who is gradually advancing.

Metallic decoration

Do you like shine? Well the metallic finishes are going to be trend this spring too. A little touch of silver or gold will give the elegance that room needs.

Several trends will continue to prevail as the summer approaches. Tropical prints and wallpaper without forgetting the decoration with maps.

Do you have enough ideas? Then give a touch of freshness to your home.

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