Woody L

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Woody L

€41.65   €49.00




  • Sun
  • Life is short
  • Compass
  • Answer
  • Future
  • Plan
  • Wild
  • Stay wild
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • White
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Mint
  • Brown
  • Mustard


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Handmade wooden pieces

The Woody L is a totally handmade piece of wood, perfect for the decoration of your home. A painted piece of wood which offers an exclusive and personalised design to give color and originality to your walls and shelves.

100% decorative pieces

Surprise your guests and friends with the last trend of decoration! Woody L offers an infinity of possibilities to give a handmade decoration to any place in your house. You can hang it like a painting on a wall in your house or in your patio. And if you don't want to drill your walls, don't worry, you can lean it on a table or even place it on the ground. You'll get a casual look for your house.

Nordic design and decoration

For design and decoration lovers, you can create your own wall painting of Woodies L in your hall or even make a headboard. You will have a winning combination with your favorite colors and sentences. Imagine receiving your guests in front of a Woody L composition on your hall...for sure you will raise a smile from your guests!

– Handmade

– Dimensions : 60 x 40 x 3,4 cm.

– Included two rods in the rear part to hang it easier.

– Pine wood originally from sustainable forests of the North Europe.

– Included a nail and a nail sheath.

*Being a 100% handmade product, colors on the screen could be different from the original product.

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