Happy Valentine's Day

How is your Valentine?

Here are some ideas that you can use as inspiration to come up with the most original gift:

Tele Worker

I'm sure you also have a friend who has moved his office home as well. And to give a special touch to his new office, we have a selection of gifts ready for you.
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For sure, you have a friend who practices it assiduously, and we have the best gifts for her or him.
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Deco Lover

The ideal collection for those deco-addicts who love organisation and paying attention to the smallest detail whatever their style is.
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We help you to do the most special gift

Have a think for a moment... What were the last three destinations you went to with your Valentine? We propose something original that as a seasoned traveller you simply can't miss out on:


1. Make a purchase in our online shop (minimum of €25)

2. Add 3 TAGS (Flag or Text) to your trolley

3. Use the code LOVETAG and we'll send them to you for FREE


About the Tags...

Each tag is an adventure to tell, it will help you remember the adventures you have lived in that place every time you use your key ring, and, above all, to think about your next adventure.

How to get the offer?

Make a purchase in our online shop (minimum of €25)

Add 3 TAGS (Flag or Text)

Use the code LOVETAG

Love is hope and it's what moves the world.

What we like best at Miss Wood is to dream, but certainly our second favorite thing is to remember. The emotion of discovering new places, environments and societies is the key: you see everything as if it were the first time, because it is.