Souvenirs and Gifts for Original Weddings

Hello! Are you preparing your wedding and need help with decoration? So calm down, we can help you. We specialize in customizing our products to give you that original touch that you want for your big day. We work with materials such as wood or cork, and we stamp the designs with silkscreen. We take care of the whole process, from thinking the message or phrase to designing the final piece, always taking into account your indications. Here are some things we can do:


If you want to place your guests by tables in a fun and original way, taking care of the aesthetics of your wedding, we offer a customized Seating Plan, according to the theme, style and colors you have chosen.


Indicating the tables of your wedding can be a complicated task. We help you with our original and unconventional indicator. Do you dare with wood or cork? So let your imagination fly.


Whether you celebrate your wedding on the beach or in the mountains, you need to direct your guests to the different spaces of the event. With our wooden indicators, arrows or rectangles with or without mast, you can signal everything you want! Choose the color, the phrase and where to place them.


If you have already chosen the day, time and location of your wedding, you can design the invitations with us. The best way to communicate the great announcement is with an original and unique invitation. With different shapes, textures, colors or materials, you will make a difference.


Looking for a simple way to highlight tables, post messages for the attendees or decorate the different spaces of your wedding? With our standard signs, you just have to choose the style, the typography and the color. Ideal for a perfect day!


If you want the whole world to know that the protagonist of the wedding arrives, this is the best way. Here comes the bride, Yes! The bride is already here.


The best day of your life is going to be full of memories and what better keep it forever in a wooden sign. Let your guests write their best wishes in our original signature book. Imagine a giant map of cork filled dedications of your friends and family.


Looking for the perfect wedding gift? We offer different and personalized souvenirs for you and your loved ones.

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