Our history

It all started during summer 2013 in the garage of Albert's house; he and Javi started hand-painting wooden signs, animating them with encouraging phrases. The Woodies, as we call them, were the first creations designed for home decor. In different sizes, shapes, colours, and designs, we also offered the possibility of customizing them 100% according to the customer's taste.

Shortly thereafter, we felt that going one step further as a brand was necessary, so we launched the Woody Map, inspired by our greatest passions: traveling & exploring.

"The Woody Map allows you to dream, to plan adventures and, above all, to experience them. Is there anything better than having the red pin replaced by the green one and decorating it with the most beautiful pictures of your holidays?"

The authentic Woody Map

Exceeding our expectations, the Woody Map has become our flagship product and the reason why so many people know us.

We have therefore thought to push the product by adding accessories, design variations, colours, and sizes... until we became the company with the widest range of cork World cork Maps in Europe.

“We are explorers and dreamers. We love the simplicity and we care about details. We have now decided to join you on your everyday adventures instead of waiting at home for your return. Let's start the journey!”

Conquering the world

Today, we are a team of over 15 dreamers involved in the project, willing to make this adventure grow bigger day by day and to make sure that you will be a part of it too. We have conquered some of the main European countries, already, and perhaps, one day, we will conquer the whole world.

Thanks to what the Woody Map generated, we felt the strong desire of stepping out and launching more products that can join you on all your adventures. The backpack was the first step and just the beginning.

We want to travel the world by your side. Will you let us?