No one needs a map during a quarantine.

Let's be honest, our products are not essential right now, and we are not willing to endanger the lives of other people by organizing unnecessary expeditions. We are sure you can wait to receive our backpack, map or notebook. We know that this decision puts our business at risk, but we trust you.

You can continue to place your orders as usual, and you will receive them at the end of quarantine. We will ship them only when the alert condition has passed. We trust that you can wait 15 days or as long as it takes to receive our products.

NOW MORE THAN EVER. Purchase = Contribution.

If you were thinking of buying on our website, you may be wondering: why should I buy now?

The answer is only one, Now more than later.

We want to make our contribution to avoid the aggravation of this situation and speed up the treatments for COVID-19. For every purchase made during this period, we will donate 10% of the amount to - It is a project led by scientists from the IrsiCaixa AIDS Research Institute, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) and the Animal Health Research Center at the Institute for Research and Technology in Food and Agriculture (IRTA-CReSA) focused on the development of antibodies, medications and a vaccine against coronavirus.

Our current situation

70% of our team works from home, so customer care, logistics, design and marketing teams are active as usual.

The remaining 30%, responsible for production, will follow our new protocol:

- Everyone wears gloves and masks

- We do temperature checks every day.

- We work on reduced day

- Our warehouse is super big (1200m2) and allows us to keep more than a meter of distance between us.

- The loading and unloading of goods are carried out individually so as not to come into contact with other people.