What are you going to do when the quarantine ends?

For weeks we've been asking you what your plans would be once the quarantine was over #MYFIRSTPLAN.
We’ve listened to you and here you have it. We bring joy to your plans. Your stories have inspired us, so we have decided
to collaborate with more brands than ever, to bring you the biggest giveaway in Miss Wood history.


Until May 23th, for any order placed in Miss Wood, you will enter
the draw of 3 AMAZING TRIPS FOR 2 PEOPLE. The order nº will be your reference
and we will do it through the Easy promo platform.

*Important information for winners: travel dates are not fixed, and we will adapt to the needs of the winner.


Discover the island of Formentera by staying in an idyllic place: the “casitas” of Can Tres Formentera. We raffle 2 nights (flights and hotel included) in one of the most paradisiacal places in the world: the island of Formentera. But there is more, enjoy your getaway by staying in a heavenly location; the “casitas” of Can Tres Formentera. As they say: “It all comes down to pure and simple experience. We look for discretion, avoiding crowds. We are a piece of Formentera, and we want our hosts to be a part of this island, to understand it, live it and enjoy it in a very special way.” You in?


Go on a surprise trip to any European city with Drumwit! We raffle off a trip for two people (including flights and hotels) to a city in Europe, but the final destination will be a SURPRISE! The winner of the prize will choose the place of departure, but will not know where it will land until 2 days before leaving. Are you in? At Drumwit they are specialists in booking airline tickets + hotels for surprise destinations. Why not make your getaways a little more exciting?


Get lost in Cantabria and explore one of the most luxuriant areas of Spain's landscapes. The Altaïr travel agency, the largest specialized bookshop in Europe, invites 2 people to spend 4 nights in 2 rural houses (Pobla de Somiedo and Gedrez) with breakfast included for discovering Cantabria. And more precisely, the place on the peninsula with the largest number of brown bears in the country. This trip will allow you to get to know the most rural Spain, its landscapes, gastronomy, hiking trails and the amazing Natural Park of Somiedo. The winner will also receive 3 gifts: a sleeping bag, a power adapter and a travel pillow.


Everyday we will raffle off different products from several brands. To participate, just
be sure to check out our Instagram @misswood_bcn profile and follow the instructions.

Learn more about the brands that joined us:

"Running or outdoor yoga!"

GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Winner: @viic_oubel Go out and exercise without worrying, or quoting HALE: "Life is already too complicated to wear uncomfortable clothes". HALE designs Activewear for living and moving, balancing style and performance. Created in Barcelona with love to help all women enjoy an active life. We raffle off 2 sets (leggings + tops) from their collection. The winner can choose the combination they like the most!

"A long walk in the mountains"

GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Winner: @victoria.galindooSustainable and versatile. Tropic Feel is a brand of travel materials made by and for travellers. They produce very special shoes that withstand all sea and land adventures, and are made from recyclable and recycled materials! We raffle off the Canyon All Black, a unisex model perfect for every adventure without ever having to give up comfort.

"Respect the planet more"

GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Winner: @carla22ffssCocunat is the reference brand in natural cosmetics 100% toxic free. They promote the Toxic-Free concept and formulate their products with highly sophisticated R&D, eliminating more than 9,000 toxins from all cosmetics to create innovative products with professional results and a WOW effect. We raffle a kit including The Cure + The Absolute.

"A getaway with my buddies"

GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Winner: @mar_cairolWe want to put a smile on your face and motivate you to make your dreams come true. Through its original products full of ATTITUDE, UO* awakens the positivity that we all have inside. We raffle off a Travel Pack that includes a sock kit for yoga enthusiasts (with matching bracelet, of course), a makeup bag to enjoy life to the fullest, and a luggage tag to wish you a pleasant trip! Little steps to get closer to enjoying what makes you really happy.

"Play tennis or paddle"

GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Winner: @estelcairolWho wouldn't want a new paddle racket or new tennis shoes to play the first game after the end of the lockdown? Who can't wait to go outside and enjoy some outdoor sports? We raffle off a set of products by Wilson. No more excuses! One of you can win 1 Blade paddle racket, 1 pair of Men's Kaos 3.0 Clay tennis shoes and 1 Wilson bag. And now, let’s play!


GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Winner: @moor_football y @lorenarguilea. Sunglasses made from recycled materials Parafina is a company that manufactures glasses and characterized by a firm social and eco-friendly policy. Each model they produce is made from recycled materials such as cork, aluminium or bamboo. We draw 2 pairs of glasses (to be chosen by the winner) from their entire collection so that you can sunbathe in style while taking care of the environment.

"Have a picnic"

GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Winner: @palaochulina. Prepare your favourite food, and take it wherever you want. With Rolleat, you can, and they are also reusable. On the occasion of World Recycling Day, we raffle the Zero Waste Pack by @rolleat_! The #bocnroll, a reusable, adjustable and washable sandwich holder that, once opened, turns into a tablecloth. The #snackngo: the perfect bag for your snacks of the ideal size to carry a sandwich or your favourite snack. And the #eatnout, a tupper + tablecloth holder that preserves the temperature allowing you to enjoy your meals intelligently. As Rolleat says; Reuse & Reenjoy.

"A bath in the sea"

GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Winner: @sogms y @gaia_parodi. Founded in 2015, Serendipity is a lingerie and swimwear brand from Barcelona. The collection is composed of an elegant design that enhances the female figure without resorting shaping foam or underwire, making each garment comfortable and sexy at the same time. And now comes the best; we offer 2 sets (both one piece and bikini) to choose from the entire collection. After all, an extra swimsuit is always handy now that summer is approaching. And if made with sustainable materials, even better, isn't it?

"Get fit"

GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Winner: @sogms y @ohanana89. Gyms, yoga, pilates, massages, spa services... Andjoy offers all this at your fingertips with just one click! Adopt a healthy lifestyle and enjoy your free time by accessing more than 2,000 gyms and centres of all kinds! We raffle off a 1-month DYNAMIC subscription for two people, so you can get fit and enjoy all the activities provided by the platform.

"Get my driver license"

GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Winner: @sogms y @ainoa.gironTaking your driver's license is a great goal, and if you can practice with a mini, so much better. Thanks to HoyVoy, we raffle off a pack of theory + 10 driving hours. And since it looks like you won't be getting too many planes in the next few months, what better time to enjoy a good road trip?.

"Have a drink with friends"

Unique shoes and sandals for women, made in Spain and Italy. Un Paso Más wants you to celebrate and enjoy your freedom in every step of your day. March on your way with confidence and your Agatha sandals, made of 100% leather, comfy and beautiful, perfect for walking you into the next summer!

"Learn To Surf"

We raffle off a coupon for one of the Sharryup trips! The platform where you can create or join surf trips and connect with people like you! Group trips to idyllic destinations to learn (or improve!) surfing. Choose the date and the destination and travel with your friends to the most beautiful places! In addition to surfing, you'll discover the most authentic locations and share the experience with other surf lovers like you!

"A bath in the sea"

Suami is an exclusive eco-friendly - handmade designer beachwear brand,100% made in Europe and inspired in Ibiza. Get entered for a chance to win an exclusive pair of handmade designer swim shorts - the “Dalt Vila” shorts - from the Suami Explorer collection. The Dalt Vila is a derived from a contemporary "Toile de Jouy" scenic pattern that represents the daily life in the historic heart beat of Ibiza.