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In Miss Wood we always try to make your life easier wherever you are. Doesn't really matter the destination, near, far away, long or short. That's why we think a lot of you and your suitcase. What do you think about a collection of 4 little cotton bags which will bring order to your life? One of them for you trip documents and travel stuff, another for your electronic gadgets, power cables, headphones etc. Another one to protect your make up, creams or the lip balm, all your stuff to look always perfect. And finally, one more to keep your sexy stuff protected, this sexy stuff that has been chosen to go with you even if you go to the other side of the world.

So practical for real travellers as you.

- 4 bags 100% cotton.

- Size: 25x30cm.

- Drawcord closure.

- Printed with serigraphy.

- Easy to wash (it is recommended to do it inside out)

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