Led Lights

LED String Lights


LED String Lights, perfect for illuminating and decorating those special corners of your home you love the most.

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Led Lights

LED String Lights


LED String Lights, perfect for illuminating and decorating those special corners of your home you love the most.






- Copper wire

- Length: 3m

- 30 LED bulbs

-2 CR2032 batteries

Battery Life: approximately 60 hours

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“A touch of sparkle for your favourite corners”


If you are here, you are undoubtedly a decoration and travel lover, always looking for new inspirations, which makes your way of decorating even more special. And, at Miss Wood, we have exactly what you need! Our LED string lights are the perfect accessory to decorate your Woody Map. And you won't believe it, but it was you that gave us the idea for this new product! As you know, we love to see the pictures of your maps decorated in a thousand different ways... And we noticed that you like to add a touch of light to your world. So, voilà, now it will be a lot easier to do it. Our new LED string lights are already available!

Decorate with lights

Light is a critical point in any decoration; it helps to create different atmospheres and to highlight corners... Ultimately, you can completely change your space only by positioning some small lights ad hoc. Fantastic, isn't it? With our LED string lights you will have the opportunity to turn your home into your favourite spot because - of course, you love to travel - but we know that there is no better feeling than coming back from a long incredible journey and thinking: finally, home again!

Endless decorating possibilities

Decorating with lights is a super option to add a special touch to any space, and it is also one of the latest interior design trends. Undoubtedly, it is crucial to pay attention to details like the type of lights to use and where to place them as some superficial choices might make the atmosphere a little heavy. For this reason, we offer you our LED string lights composed of 30 LEDs that will illuminate your favourite corners without overloading the environment. Indeed, LED technology has many advantages, including what we like best: it is eco-friendly.

Brighten your space up

In recent years, light has become a fundamental part of space design. And you know, there's nothing sweeter than coming home and finding a cosy and relaxed atmosphere, where you can feel comfortable and rest after a long day. All this is now possible with our LED string lights and your personal touch. What are you waiting for? We can't wait to see the outcome!

“At Miss Wood we design products with a soul,
that inspire the love for travelling, knowledge, and exploration.”