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Raise your flag! 10 things on flags that you do not know

Published : 02/13/2017 10:37:10
Categories : Curiosities

For some a cloth of colors, for others the representation in cloth of their homeland. What is clear is that in the course of history the flags have played a symbolic role of great importance. Also, its design, have made the decoration with flags is a trend in recent times. But do you know which is the oldest in history? What does the British flag represent? And the youngest in the world? Let's go with 10 curiosities of the flags of the world that will make you look like everyone understood in vexilology. Ah! You do not know what it is. It is the science that studies banners and their influence on history.

1. The oldest flag fell from the sky

Legend has it that the Dannenbrog, the flag of Denmark, came down from heaven sent by the very God and filled the Danish army with courage in the Battle of Lyndanisse that as it can not be otherwise ended up winning the battle.

2. It all started with 3 colors on a flag

The flags of Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Chile, Argentina, Norway, Peru and Uruguay; Only contain three colors: White, blue and red. Belgium was the first nation in the world to include different colors to these.

3. God save the FLAG

The flag of the United Kingdom, commonly known as Union Jack, is the union of the flags of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. A curiosity about flags that few people know.

4. The rectangle is boring

The only 3 flags that do not have a rectangular proportion are the Vatican, Switzerland and Nepal. The latter has extra curiosity to possess an unprecedented form: Two triangles one on top of the other.

5. A flag ahead and behind

The Paraguayan flag is the only one that has two designs with two different shields, one for the obverse and one for the reverse.

6. Allah on His Banner

La bandera de Arabia Saudí se iza de derecha a izquierda. Esto es por que tiene la inscripción:

"No hay más Dios que Alá y Mahoma es su profeta"

Está en árabe, idioma que se escribe y se lee de derecha a izquierda, en el sentido contrario de la lectura occidental que conocemos. The Saudi Arabia flag is hoisted from right to left. This is because it has the inscription: "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet" It is in Arabic, a language that is written and read from right to left, in the opposite sense of the Western reading that we know.

7. The country that changes more of flag than of government

Afghanistan is the country that has changed the most times throughout its history. He has done it about 15 times, although, almost always, he has conserved the shield that has been changing its design from one time to another. It really is one of the biggest curiosities of the world's flags.

8. Under the sun

The sun on the flag of Argentina and Uruguay (Sol de Mayo) has its origin in an Inca god. The only thing that differentiates them is the number of rays of sun they have, 32 the Argentine and 16 the Uruguayan.

9. The most democratic flag in the world

New Zealand is preparing a possible change of flag. At the moment some designs have been selected, of which they will be in only 4 after a referendum. Once there is a finalist will vote if you prefer the new design or the flag that is currently in force.

10. The newcomer

La bandera más joven en gozar de la oficialidad es la de Libia pese a ser un diseño de la década de los años 50 del siglo pasado. The youngest flag to enjoy official status is Libya despite being a design from the 1950s decade of the last century. You know 10 more things. You can use them to remain as some experts in geography among your colleagues and even having read this can make you win in Trivial. And it can not be denied that there are flags that are a piece of art in themselves and that many people decorate with flags their house, their clothes or even objects of the daily life. Ah! And if you want to make a review to your knowledge you can do with our PACK FLAGS for € 21.90.

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