The founders

The first Miss Wood foto (2013)

Our Story

It all started during summer 2013 in the garage of Albert's house; he and Javi started hand-painting wooden signs, animating them with encouraging phrases. The Woodies, as we call them, were the first creations designed for home decor. In different sizes, shapes, colours, and designs, we also offered the possibility of customizing them 100% according to the customer's taste. Shortly thereafter, we felt that going one step further as a brand was necessary, so we launched the Woody Map, inspired by our greatest passions: traveling & exploring. Exceeding our expectations, the Woody Map has become our flagship product and the reason why so many people know us. We have therefore thought to push the product by adding accessories, design variations, colours, and sizes... until we became the company with the widest range of cork world maps in Europe. We want to travel the world by your side. Will you let us?

Enjoy the planet

Our compromise

At Miss Wood, we love to travel, and this is not surprising news. This passion for travelling the world makes us feel more responsible for the health of our planet. For this reason, our company's mission is taking care of our planet as much as we like to enjoy it. How do we make this ideal real?

Reduce plastic to 0

We want to travel anywhere in the world with the peace of mind of not finding more plastic in the rivers, roads or seas. So, as little impact as our company has on the planet, our Production and Logistics team is working hard to eliminate single-use plastic from all our products in the short term. It is well known that plastic is a material that costs a lot to recycle and also takes between 100 and 1,000 years to decompose. In the future, we do not want to design a map where there are islands of plastics, let alone see how we destroy marine life and the planet in general.

Giving the planet its gratitude back

We are delighted to be able to say that we are a WWF-friendly company. For us, it is an honour to align ourselves with such a prestigious and experienced ONG as WWF. The money we give to WWF directly helps to fight climate change, overfishing, rational water use, more responsible consumption and species conservation. We firmly believe that if we treat our planet correctly (it has to be done, it is essential), it will give us back great experiences to live.
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Local production with sustainable materials

Since we started our adventure, we have carried out a local production in our workshop in Barcelona. It is the most comfortable way of producing because apart from controlling the whole chain of production and quality, it allows us to have a positive impact on our environment. We have always prioritized working with organic and sustainable materials for the planet such as wood, cork or cotton. Moreover, it is not by chance that most of our suppliers are located within a radius of no more than 1,000 km. (i.e. Spain and Portugal) A tiny part of our products (5% of all our items) is produced in China and India with highly qualified suppliers. The reason? At the moment, it is complicated for us to produce the thermos bottle or the backpack locally with the same qualities and prices offered by our suppliers.

Christmas photo 2019

The dream team

Our last party