mapas de madera

Wood Map of the World

Wooden maps are a totally handmade decoration element, designed to create an elegant and natural environment. A perfect option to give a touch to your corners, made of pine wood from sustainable forests.

Travelling is a dream that we all have always in mind, to cross the limits of your daily life for a while. But it is not necessary to take a plane and run far away to achieve it. If the moment of inspiration suddenly appears in your house and you fill the walls and shelves with travelling decoration, you will not have to leave your home to enjoy the pleasures of a trip.

Wooden world maps to decorate your home.

A perfect gift for inveterate travelers.

Wooden maps

Mapa de madera de tres piezas decorando un salón

Congratulations, you have just landed on the right page to find out everything you don't know about our wooden maps. At Miss Wood, we love to travel, but most of all, we love to decorate our place with the most special memories.

Why buy a wooden world map?

Wooden world maps are a great way to decorate any space and add an elegant and natural touch to your home. All of our wooden maps are made from wood coming from sustainable forests.

The classic

World map wood

Buy Woody Map Wooden Edition
Mapa de 60x40 de madera al lado de otros objetos de decoración
Dormitorio decorado con un mapa de madera para obtener una decoración más natural
Imagen de detalle sobre el mapamundi de madera
Clienta disfrutando de su mapa de madera en su salón

3D Wooden world map

Buy Woody Map 3D
Mapa de madera 3d con perrito de distintos colores marrones

The most creative

Woody Map Led

Buy Woody Map Led
Mapa de madera con luces led por la noche
Mapa led decorando un dormitorio
Habitación decorada con el mapa led, combiando con todo el resto de elementos decorativos
Mapa led enciendido decorando parte de un salón