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The best cork maps to hang.

Our cork Woody Map allows you to customize your world, decorating it with country flags, stickers with the best selection of each place, photos to remember every moment or light strings that will make your adventures shine bright. World maps, continents, countries or cities, choose yours and start collecting the memories of your travels. Choose from our maps of the world, continent, country or city.

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Cork World Map

Congratulations, you have just found the most extensive guide to cork world maps. It will be handy if you are thinking of buying one for a gift or decorating your home. Whatever your intention, you are in the right place to learn EVERYTHING you need to know. Read on!

Why buy world map push pins?

A cork map is a super original idea for keeping the memories of your travels and dreaming of new adventures. Of all the maps on the market, the cork one is, without a doubt, the easiest to customise. This material allows you to decorate your world with pins, photos, flags, tickets, and souvenirs... Anything you want!

To make a long story short, it's a great option if you want to add a unique touch to give some personality to your favourite room.


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Mapamundi corcho para decorar el salon de casa

Cork World Maps

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Cork Europe Maps

Mapa de francia de corcho para poner pins en los sitios donde he estado

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Mapa del mundo floresencte que se ilumina por la noche

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Mapa personalizado de corcho

Cork Map Custom

TIP: When travelling, keep your bus, museum or train tickets and hang them on yourmap to personalise your world to remember every moment.

4 ideas for customising your travel cork world map



Print Photos


LED Lights

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Coloured maps: which one to choose?

· White cork map: the Nordic decoration lovers’ fave; the creamy-white and cork combination adds a very cosy and organic touch to every space. You can choose the design in positive or negative.

· Black cork map: ideal for those rooms furnished with dark or black furniture. It is an elegant colour that will give a sophisticated vibe anywhere you decide to place.

· Brown cork map: A great choice if you want to add a more natural touch to your home. Brown and cork tones are hues that complement each other perfectly without standing out too much. If you look for delicate nuances, this is the perfect map.

· Multicolour map: The Watercolor collection is digitally printed, allowing you to print several colours at once. One of the main features of these models is that they include the names of the countries, and each one is a different colour. The classic political map we used to learn geography, now adapted to home decor. All the maps in this collection have a vintage twist and will remind you of those old maps hanging in your grandma's house. You can choose from many shades and colour combinations. If this is the model you like best, our recommendation is to go for the shades that best match the dominant colours of the space for which the map is intended.

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