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Los mejores consejos para viajar a Amsterdam

the NETHERLANDS: a Cycling Paradise

When to Go

March for sure! Spring in Holland is merely spectacular. It has less rain and many more flowers, especially tulips. All the festivals begin, the streets fill up, and the days start to be longer.

What to Do

Famous for its 1500 bridges, 90 islands, and more than 100 km of canals. All of this is waiting for you in Amsterdam, best known as the "Venice of the North." The Bloemenmarkt (flower market) is a must-see that you can't certainly miss. Head over the city of The Hague and stroll through its old town, built in the late Middle Ages.

Must-Eat Dishes

Take some bitterballen, which look like meatballs and are served as a snack. There are many more strict recipes than others, where it's only seasoned with pepper, parsley, and salt, while others may include even curry. Holland also has a rich dessert culture. Our favourite is appelflap - an apple puff pastry that looks like small pancakes but much softer and smaller.

Fun Facts

Perhaps you thought that the world's largest beer exporter was Germany, but in reality, it is Holland. They export more than one billion litres, and half of these exports are sent to the United States.

Miss Wood Tip

Explore the city by bike! Holland is a very flat country, making it perfect for cycling, so search for renting bike shops and get one during your stay. The best part is that these vehicles have priority on the streets over any other.