Coloring World Maps

mapa del mundo para niños pequeños ideal para que aprendan a pintar y divertirse

Passing on the magic of world maps dfrom a very early age enhances children’s growth at different levels and in many ways. The best part? Your child can learn with maps by simply colouring them and filling them with recycled materials while having fun during the process.


Here you have the option to print and download our world maps for free, perfect for coloring and painting. In the archive you will find the colored map and the blank map ready to paint.
mapamundi para niños con dibujos de animales ideal para pintar

Wildlife World Maps

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Mapamundi para pintar con nombres, monumentos y animales. Ideal para aprender y divertirse

Monuments World Maps

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mapamundi para niños ideal para pintar y descargar gratis con dibujos de animales

Wildlife World Maps empty

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enseñar el mundo a los niños a través de los mapas

Why a colouring map?

niña de 6 años pintando y aprendiendo a pintar mapas
dibujo ejemplo de un plantilla para pintar mapas del mundo con dibujos de animales

The benefits of colouring a map

There's no doubt of the benefits of colouring in a blank world map for children.

Develop abstract thinking

A study by Pennsylvania State University in the USA in collaboration with other universities proves that colouring in is an excellent activity to develop abstract thinking and the ability to execute.

Colouring stimulates the left central hemisphere, the zone linked with logical thinking. A Colourable world map will make children form a mental representation of the Earth, the first step for understanding it, whilst developing abstract thinking and the ability to execute actions.

Improvement of motor skills

Children's motor skills, also known as fine motor coordination, can be developed through the simple exercise of colouring. For this reason, simple drawings to colour in will increase their agility and manual dexterity. With a colourable world map, children will perfect the precision of the hand's movement while they colour the inside of each border limitation.Simultaneously, all cerebral circuits involved with fine motor skills will mature with gradual exercise.

Strengthen concentration

Painting is a route through which children can learn to channel their emotions, even more in moments of anxiety or stress. Due to its complexity and the number of territorial divisions, a world map to draw will encourage children's concentration and ability to focus their attention on the task, helping them learn to ignore eventual distractions.

Power apprenticeship

Download coloring maps

Stimulate creativity

The colour distribution in a children's world map requires creativity. They'll imagine what colour to use to paint the different continents, countries, or even seas and rivers.At the same time, they will imagine and relate hundreds of things they have seen and heard before, in children's educational programs, with the parts or areas of the map. What better way to stimulate curiosity and creativity than a beautiful map as a decorative element in your study or room? 

decoracion fácil para habitaciones de niños y niñas
mapas para niños para decorar la habitacion y que aprendan geografia

Techniques to improve learning with maps

Not all children are the same, so it is necessary to have various maps and strategies.

If a child does not like colouring a world map without names or is already bored with doing so, we can provide them with different options. We always keep in mind generating interest and sparking the curiosity of the youngest in the family.

Some of our maps include the colouring world map with oceans and continentsthe physical world map (with different colours for altitude and depth); the world map of the main rivers; the world map with animals.. 

They are available in black and white, in our gallery of world maps by clicking here..

To stimulate the creativity and interest in the child, we must be creative and search for ways to entertain them while they learn.

Cognitive games and activities with a world map

Download maps to paint

Other inspirational models such as a scratch map or cork map do not limit children to strictly colouring.

This way, they can decorate the maps and stimulate other areas of the brain that go hand in hand with creativity. They will also find all kinds of world maps to decorate any room.

La mejor selección de mapas del mundo para que los niños aprendan geografia

Colouring world maps

Maps are part of human history.

Without them, we probably would have never advanced this far. It is important to keep them active within our culture and development.

If children can benefit from the process, what are you waiting for your beloved child to begin exploring the world?

Download as many maps as you want.