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Decorative scented candles

Travel Around the World Natural Scents

Do you remember the smell of the house in the country where you used to spend the summer as a child? Unmistakable, right? How about the natural soap your grandmother used to clean clothes by hand? Do you remember? And the scent of the flowers in the field where you used to play with your cousins in the summer? Have you got it?

That trip back in time that you just went on is precisely what our candles provide. We want you to travel back through your memories when you light our candles.

Scented candles that smell super good

We are going on a trip, will you join us?

Scented candle Asian

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Scented candle Tropical

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Scented candle African

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Scented candle Amazon

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Scented candle European

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Scented candle Mediterranean

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Scented candle Natural

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Handmade candles

We have teamed up with the very best. We went to find one of the best candlemaker's in Spain and certainly in Europe too. A family business that was born in the old town of Barcelona over 150 years ago.
Persona moldeando con las manos el prototipo del molde para realizar las velas

Design of the candles

Designing and developing the product took us more than a year of work. The challenge was to make a candle in a mould (without a container) with more than 80% vegetable wax and without it melting. After dozens of tests to adjust the wick, balance the intensity of the flame and get the perfect colour, we have come up with the exact formula to make the perfect candle.

Production of decorative candles

They are 100% handmade, designed and manufactured in Barcelona, investing in local, zero-miles producers. We hand-paint them one by one to give the final touch to the relief.
Probetas con las esencias aromáticas de cada vela


All the Miss Wood Candles' scents are natural: Rosemary, Jasmine and Magnolia, Amber and Olibanum or Bergamot! Also, we have increased the intensity of the aroma by up to 8%. Each candle is a relaxing journey for all your senses, so breathe deeply and enjoy the experience.

We hope you enjoy this collection of exclusive candles as much as we enjoyed creating and designing them.